milk1.jpgAccording to press reports, raw milk produced at The Family Cow farm is the source of the most severe outbreak of sickness linked to raw milk in Pennsylvania in five years. The Pennsylvania Department of Health reported on Wednesday reported five more confirmed cases of campylobacteriosis, bringing the four-state total to 76.

The two previous largest outbreaks since 2006 were both in 2008 — 72 cases in an outbreak originating in Lancaster County and 68 in Montgomery County. More than 250 people in Pennsylvania have become ill after drinking raw milk during the past five years, according to the state health department. Campylobacter bacteria caused six of the seven outbreaks during that time.

Breakdown of cases: 66 in Pennsylvania, 5 in Maryland, 2 in New Jersey and 3 in West Virginia.

  • Susan Stavis

    This should be the state in which the outbreak occurred’s problem, not the federal government’s. You are infringing upon people’s right to drink raw milk if they choose to.

  • The Federal Government is not involved in this outbreak. But, please note that it is not just PA that is involved. There are illnesses in NJ, MD and WV.

  • Susan Stavis

    What about the horror stories I hear about the FDA coming in like a SWAT team raiding raw milk dairies and innocent organic food groups? This is outrageous behavior by a federal agency infringing on people’s right to eat nutritious food and that has no business harming people choosing to eat what they want to eat! Shame on you for this aggregious federal beaurocratic tyranny! I want my constitutional government back. When Ron Paul is elected President your tyrannical beaurocratic days are numbered.

  • Ed

    I own a farm in NYS – Let me tell you – I would not even think of drinking raw milk. You people are crazy. There is no health benefits to drinking it – and you are putting your life at risk. You can get a brain infection from the milk. As for the government cracking down and raiding drop-off points – that is because the milk or other products are not allowed to be transported across state lines by the farm. It has to be done by the ultimate consumer.
    The family cow problem is just the beginning – they have no insurance to cover the legal action if anyone is going to do so – which in these times everyone sues.
    Ron Paul – will never be president and Oboma should have never became the President of this great nation.

  • Ray

    @Susan I do agree with you on the raw milk issue but it is true that it is not supposed to be shipped across state lines except by the consumer.
    @Ed why would you not consider ever drinking raw milk? Where is the evidence that it can cause brain infection? Why are you portraying your political views in a milk forum?
    There are many of types of bacteria in our bodies and if we are used to “babying” them and then eventually switching to products in its most pure state, such as Raw Milk, our bodies will not know how to process it immediately.