The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has confirmed 13 cases of E. coli bacterial infection in central and western Missouri. Six of the cases involved people who drank raw milk purchased from the same farm, said Gena Terlizzi, an official with the Missouri health department. Still, the state doesn’t have enough evidence to pinpoint the source of the bacteria, Terlizzi said. Cases so far are in Boone, Camden, Clark, Cooper, Howard, Jackson and Randolph counties. A stricken 2-year-old child in Columbia remains hospitalized.

Summary of dairy outbreaks and recalls since 2010 to present


• 25 raw dairy outbreaks with 313 illnesses, no deaths (23 fluid raw milk, 2 aged raw milk cheese) • 2 pasteurized dairy outbreak with 39 illnesses, no deaths

• 1 pasteurized Mexican-style cheese sporadic illness, no deaths

• 2 queso fresco Mexican-style cheese outbreak with 67 illnesses, no deaths

• 3 sporadic illnesses and hospitalizations from illegal Mexican-style cheese, no deaths

Recalls (no illnesses reported)

• 14 raw dairy (7 fluid raw milk, 7 aged raw milk cheese) • 7 queso fresco Mexican-style cheese

• 8 pasteurized (non-queso fresco) cheese

• 4 dairy product recalls due to inadequate pasteurization

Need to update the Real Raw Milk Facts Outbreak Chart.