Associated Press reported today that “Source of Alamosa salmonella a mystery.”  217 people have now been confirmed as part of the Salmonella outbreak.  Alamosa city water has tested positive as well.  Well, I guess the question is if we don’t know what the cause is, why are they “flushing” the water system with chlorine?

Apparently, “officials have ruled out disgruntled employees and terrorism” as the cause of the contamination.  However, what about a cracked wellhead or piping that allows infiltration of the Salmonella bacteria?

Quotes of the day:

"There are many unkowns.”

"Many questions will be answered as they move through this process."

My vote, pass me a scotch.  So, where does Salmonella come from – little help here:



Pork Salami (So presumably live pigs too)

Dairy Cows

Ground Beef (So presumably live cows too)

Dogs and Cats