The good thing about both practicing food law for a long time and having a foodborne epidemiologist on staff is that we have the history of these outbreaks at our fingertips.

2021-2022MultistateListeria monocytogenes23221Big Olaf Creamery
2014WashingtonListeria monocytogenes220Snoqualmie Ice Cream
2010-2015MultistateListeria monocytogenes10103Blue Bell
2008VermontE. coli O157:H7630Homemade Ice Cream, unpasteurized milk
2008MinnesotaSalmonella Heidelberg200Homemade ice cream
2008CaliforniaE. coli O157:H7200Consumed at a restaurant; brand or pasteurization unknown
2007CaliforniaNorovirus1700Ice cream with berries, berries were likely the contaminated ingredient
2007PennsylvaniaCampylobacter300Homemade ice cream
2007MinnesotaHepatitis A1560Ice cream or yogurt at a restaurant
2007West VirginiaSalmonella Enteritidis820Homemade ice cream
2006BelgiumE. coli O145 and E. coli 0261250Ice cream at a farm
2006CaliforniaSalmonella600Homemade Ice Cream
2005 MultistateSalmonella Typhimurium26110Cold Stone Creamery (cake batter was the contaminated ingredient)
1994MultistateSalmonella Enteritidis1200Schwan’s Ice Cream – the estimated # of ill cases is 224,000!
1993FloridaSalmonella Enteritidis593  Homemade Ice Cream