711Food_main_0708.jpgAround 1,500 pounds of 7-Eleven convenience-store meals have been recalled for possible Listeria contamination by Hawaiian company Warabeya U.S.A., Inc, the Department of Agriculture said late on Wednesday.

The recalled products include 10.3-ounce packages of 7-Eleven Fried Chicken Bento, 11-ounce packages of 7-Eleven Teriyaki Bento, 10-ounce packages of 7-Eleven Breakfast Scramble Bowl, 17.75-ounce packages of 7-Eleven Big Bento, and, 7.25-ounce packages of 7-Eleven Little Smokies Snack Pack.

The products have a best eaten by date and time of “06/30/11 11:30 AM” and were distributed to stores in Hawaii.