From a Chinese public official:

"Public confidence can only be rebuilt on merciless punishment," he said. "None of those companies lacking professional ethics or social morals will be let off."

Today, while I walked through the Temple of Heaven, Tienanmen Square, the Forbidden City and several miles of Hutongs, 13,000 Chinese children remained in the hospital with at least 100 suffering acute kidney failure. To date only four children have been reported to have died.

The government has reported that most victims are less than two years old.  In a country with a one child policy, sickening tens of thousands of babies certainly is not part of the plan.  Illnesses seem to have started in early May, but reports did not surface until after the Olympic games ended.

In Singapore, the Chinese-made White Rabbit milk sweet has been found to carry traces of melamine and is being recalled, officials there said. Recalls of Chinese-made dairy products are now under way in Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Africa and Brunei as well.