According to the CDC, since late April, at least 105 people infected with Salmonella Saintpaul with the same genetic fingerprint have been identified in the United States.  New Mexico (36) and Texas (35) were first to report.  In addition, 34 other people with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Saintpaul have been reported since mid-April in residents of Arizona (7 persons), Colorado (1), Idaho (2), Illinois (12), Indiana (1), Kansas (3), Oklahoma (3), Utah (1), Virginia (2), and Wisconsin (2).  There are also press reports of Salmonella illnesses in several other states, including Washington, California and Oregon.  CDC needs to update its map.

In addition, I was reading the online version of the WSJ this morning and saw this line:

[The FDA] said the tomatoes may have come from one region, similar to the spinach E. coli outbreak in the fall of 2006.

I assume that the FDA and the reporters mean that, like the Dole Spinach E. coli outbreak of 2006, which was linked to the Salinas Valley, this Salmonella Tomato outbreak may also be linked to a specific region – not the Salinas Valley – I bet California hopes so anyway.