February 2012

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So says Jimmy himself:

“I agree wich ya, we no longer serve sprouts, sprout supplies were inconsistent.”

I guess so.

Multistate Jimmy John’s Restaurants Raw Clover Sprouts 2011

14 Sickened (possibly 19) – On February 15, 2012, the Centers for Disease Control announced an ongoing investigation into illnesses linked to the consumption of raw clover

Special Concerns of the Elderly

elderly-couple.jpgThe occurrence of bacterial infection is a function of several major variables: (1) the virulence of the bacterial pathogen, that is, its ability to cause severe disease; (2) how the pathogen is transmitted to the “host”—for example, whether it is airborne, foodborne, blood borne, etc.; and (3) host susceptibility—i.e. how

022412-map.jpgA total of 14 persons infected with the outbreak strain of STEC O26 have been reported from 5 states. The number of ill persons identified in each state is as follows: Iowa (5), Missouri (3), Kansas (2), Michigan (2), Arkansas (1), and Wisconsin (1). Among persons for whom information is available, illness onset dates range

Screen Shot 2012-02-14 at 5.55.33 PM.pngNew Jersey Department of Health reported that it currently has two residents that are ill in connection to a major outbreak caused by the consumption of raw milk from a Pennsylvania farm, Family Cow Dairy.

Currently 78 people in four states have become ill with campylobacteriosis, a gastrointestinal illness, from the consumption of the raw

Listeria Death Collage.jpgEach of the above died because they ate a listeria-tainted cantaloupe in the United States of America in 2011.  And, these are only my clients, not all of the 36 who died.

To the growers, shippers, brokers, auditors and retailers who supplied those cantaloupes in the summer of 2001, shame on you.  You will have

1taco-bell.gifTaco Bell – “Mexican-style fast-food restaurant chain” – Salmonella Outbreak

A 22-year-old Oklahoma woman who says she contracted salmonella after eating at Taco Bell has sued the fast-food company. Leah Smith claims she became sick while attending a University of Oklahoma football game last fall, two days after eating at a Taco Bell in Norman.