February 2011

Three years after a Salmonella outbreak, first linked to United States Tomatoes and then Mexican Peppers, that sickened about 1,500 people and claimed two lives, U.S. epidemiologists have learned that speed is of the essence in identifying sources of food contamination and preventing further infection. However, in an editorial accompanying the paper in the February

According to press reports, the City of Evanston said Merle’s BBQ Restaurant was the source of a recent food borne illness outbreak that caused 30 people to get sick. The Evanston restaurant was catering parent/teacher conferences at Haven Middle School on Feb. 16, and people reported falling ill shortly after. The Evanston Health Department investigated

Screen shot 2011-02-24 at 2.57.40 PM.pngMost state health departments encourage consumers to report food poisoning incidents to local health departments.  Food Safety News has provided links (see below) to pages on state health department or public health association Web sites where you can directly report a foodborne illness, or where you can obtain contact information to report your illness to your local public health agency. 

Food Safety News is considering ways to make it even easier for consumers to report illnesses quickly so foodborne illness outbreaks are stopped and restaurants and manufacturing problems are corrected.

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Screen shot 2011-02-24 at 12.50.28 PM.pngThe IAFP Foundation, through a contribution from Marler Clark, will fully support travel, hotel and registration expenses for up to four state or local health or state agricultural department employees to attend IAFP 2011.  Click here for the Awards criteria and Application form.  (Note: the application deadline for this award only is April 5

Welcome to outbreakdatabase.com, a searchable database of illness outbreaks caused by one or more of the following

1. consumption of contaminated foods or beverages,

2. exposure to animals,

3. exposure to contaminated recreational water,

4. person-to-person contact with someone whose illness initiated from animal exposure or consumption of contaminated foods and beverages.

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The Centers

11206.jpgMichael T. Osterholm, Ph.D., M.P.H., (a.k.a., the god of food safety epidemiology) wrote today in the New England Journal of Medicine – “Foodborne Disease in 2011 — The Rest of the Story” today. Here are the highlights:

So will the Food Safety Modernization Act result in immediate improvements in food safety? The legislation brings long