January 2011

raw-milk-body-cream.jpgYou have to give Michael Schmidt (a.k.a., Canadian Raw Milk Messiah) credit for a superior marketing move, and possible legal move. According to press reports, the Canadian raw-milk dairy he now manages, which was ordered to stop selling unpasteurized milk for human consumption, is rebranding the product as a “body lotion.”

The Our Cows dairy

Screen shot 2011-01-30 at 10.00.02 PM.pngSeven people in Oregon and Washington became ill with Salmonella in January after eating the Sprouter’s Northwest clover sprouts. The company subsequently recalled all its sprouts. A few days ago the FDA released 483 Inspection Report of the Sprouter’s Northwest facility.

  • Failure to take necessary precautions to protect against contamination of food and food contact