December 2009


The U.S. Congress and Legislatures in most of the 50 states will all be back in session as 2010 begins. In Washington D.C., work should resume on food safety reform. To get through to the President’s desk, the Senate must adopt S. 510, conference with the House, and then see the compromise bill passed

I just received this email:

I’d like to subscribe to your email list so that I can get
the latest updates on all food illness recalls & outbreaks. This is so
that I can check my cuboards/fridge/freezer & know what not to buy or
eat in order to keep myself & my family safer. Thanks

Here is the most current information that I have on hamburger recalls due to E. coli O157:H7 or antibiotic-resistant Salmonella for 2009.  The pounds recalled come from FSIS (you should also check on the amount that they actually get back).  The sicknesses and deaths are from several sources, CDC, State and Local Health Departments and

I always feel a bit better when I know that the big national papers, like the Washington Post, are weighing in on something that I have been blogging about since Christmas Eve. Lyndsey Layton posted online an hour ago – “E. coli-tainted beef infects 21 people in 16 states.”

Unfortunately, even being inside the beltway

Today the FSIS published the RETAIL CONSIGNEES FOR FSIS RECALL 068-2009. This was the recall of 312 pounds of Canadian Ham by Associated Grocers of Maine. The recall consisted of 16-ounce packages of "SUPER TRIM, Shurfine, IMPORTED, COOKED HAM, WATER ADDED, 98% FAT FREE." Each package bears the establishment number "141" inside the Canadian