October 2008

The Onondaga County Health Department reports that 20 cases of Salmonella, scattered from late August through October 19, have been linked to Plainville’s Nature’s Fare Restaurant.  Several of those sick were hospitalized.  As of Thursday afternoon, the restaurant shut down, and will stay closed for a week.  Owner Mark Bitz says it will give them

Study shows potential advance in fighting E. coli

Researchers have developed a new class of inhibitors that neutralize toxic bacteria produced by E. coli, the cause of most food poisoning outbreaks, according to a new study. The new inhibitor potentially represents an important advance over standard antibiotics, said the study published on Monday in the

Eight children, between the ages of 4 and 12, have tested positive for the same Escherichia coli bacteria but officials don’t know the connection.  The children live, or have been, in the Evergreen area but don’t attend the same school.  Two of the children remain hospitalized as a result of infections from the potentially deadly

Cases of confirmed E. coli contamination have authorities looking at a Pitt County petting zoo as a possible source.  The Pitt County Health Department tells WITN News that the petting zoo in question is located at Briley’s Farms on Highway 264.  The Beaufort County Health Department says two children infected with E. coli visited the

After a day of mediation, we were able to resolve all 25 of the cases we represented in this litigation.  The mediator, Judge Epistein, did a masterful job getting the parties to resolve these cases.  As you might recall, in May 2007, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) begun a multi-state investigation in

The Food Industry Center at the University of Minnesota has published a case study of last year’s botulism recall. The Castleberry’s: 2007 Botulism Recall publication examines this nationwide recall in a case study that "illustrates the complexity of the food industry."  The case study was funded by the National Center for Food Protection and Defense

The first lawsuit stemming from the Snohomish county E. coli outbreak was filed today in the Superior Court for the State of Washington, County of Snohomish. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the minor child of Alison and Ray Riojas of Snohomish County, against Ixtapa Family Mexican Restaurant, which has been identified as the