May 2008

Orval Kent Foods has announced a voluntary recall of 23,000 pounds of Amish macaroni salad after the Ohio Department of Agriculture found E. coli in a sample package. Products included in the recall include Orval Kent Amish Macaroni Salad in 5-pound containers with June 12th expiration dates and Yoder’s Amish Macaroni salad in 1, 2

I blogged last week that New Mexico was reporting a large cluster of salmonella illnesses.  This morning New Mexico state health department says there are now 21 and that many of the state’s recent salmonella cases are linked.  Health officials said many come from the same strain – "Saint Paul."  The ill patients live in

Someone sent me this photo and asked me to guess where it is?  Other than heaven?  Where?

Another friend/attorney’s kid just got elected President of his High School class – great to see he took after his mom.