July 2007

Elizabeth Weise of USA TODAY wrote today:

Tens of millions of cans of chili, chili sauce, beef stew, corned beef and dog food are being recalled nationwide because of possible contamination with the deadly botulinum toxin, the Food and Drug Administration said Monday. The recalled cans cover more than 90 brands and every “best by”

Please pass this on: I am 55 years old and having been married for 37 years, so I have been grocery shopping for at least that long. I got sick from spinach; last month I opened a can of Geisha brand peaches (from China but distributed from New York) only to find a dead fly

Duffie Dixon of My Atlanta TV reports that a Woman (a medical student) Hospitalized After Eating Castleberry’s Chili.

An Atlanta woman remains hospitalized after eating what may be tainted chili included in the expanded recall issued Friday. Castleberry’s Food Co. of Augusta recalled more than 80 types of canned chili, beef stew, corned beef hash