October 2006

States Can Move Faster Than the Federal Government to Implement Standards, Says CSPI

WASHINGTON—The state of California should move quickly to adopt regulations governing the production of fruit and vegetables in California since no federal agency has yet adopted standards, according to the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). In a legal

Great Job  – Herb Weisbaum, MSNBC contributor, for keeping this issue in the public eye.  Great article entitled:

E. coli aftermath: Where is the accountability?

With 20 E. coli outbreaks in spinach, lettuce and other salad greens since 1995, it’s clear more needs to be done…. The E. coli outbreak is no longer headline news.

Some interesting quotes and statistics from an article from the The Associated Press. In talking about people’s reluctance to return to Salinas bagged spinach:

“As soon as somebody dies, then you’ve created something in people’s minds that’s very hard to overcome….”

William E. Rice, a marketing professor at California State University, Fresno.

Ultimately, it

Just got back from Toronto, Canada giving a talk on the recent E. coli outbreak tied to spinach.  I’ll give the same talk in Milwaukee on Monday to the Rotary.  I’m then off to Chicago to talk about – Food Law and Regulation – Looking ahead to the future of food policy at the Crowne

Friday the FDA and CDC outbreak numbers will come out – it should be: 204 confirmed illnesses, 31 HUS, 3 deaths. I do expect the FDA and CDC to count the Maryland death case shortly as well.  The vast majority of our nearly 100 clients have identified DOLE as the primary source of the E.

E. coli O157:H7Larry Parsons from the Monterey County Herald (CA) reported that Natural Selection Foods, the San Juan Bautista produce firm at the
center of the national spinach scare, is trimming its work force because of wilting sales today.  Sales are down 70 percent for conventional salad and food-service products, and down 10 percent for the company’s

Toronto Food Safety Presentation I have been asked to speak in Canada about Spinach and Lettuce E. coli outbreaks that have been a plague on both the produce industry and the hundreds of consumers who have become sick or died as a result of eating “ready-to-eat” produce contaminated with cattle feces.  Specifically, there is great interest in the recent

Over 200 sickened and at least 4 deaths are attributed to eating E. coli contaminated spinach.  Now we are seeing the results as consumers turn away from a product that the Spinach/Lettuce industry could have made safer.

Salad plant will close after spinach scare; 200 out of job
(Associated Press)

A northern Indiana