May 2005

I’m quoted by Beacon Journal medical writer Tracy Wheeler’s recent article Avoid Zoo Fever, which addresses the issue of fair safety precautions — like handwashing — to avoid getting E. coli at petting zoos and fairs. She also addresses the hidden risks, which handwashing won’t help.
From the article:

Sometimes, though, the risk is

At least thirty people in Kershaw County, South Carolina have become ill with an apparent foodborne illness. While public health officials work to discover the bacteria or virus making people ill, those sickened may be turning to the Internet for information on foodborne illnesses. Marler Clark has re-launched its Web site about foodborne illness,

Our client Ernie Lyon is the focus of an article in today’s Star Bulletin after we filed a lawsuit yesterday against Honolulu airline caterer Gate Gourmet yesterday:

Ernie Lyon accused the company of serving food contaminated with the Shigella bacteria, causing him to develop a 104-degree fever and accrue $3,000 in medical bills. The suit

The Associated Press reports that the Food and Drug Administration says workers at one of four Mexican green onion farms inspected as the result of a 2003 hepatitis outbreak lived in windowless metal shacks with no showers. Shallow trenches ran from an area littered with soiled diapers and other human waste, downhill to onion fields

ABC Action News has also reported on Marler Clark’s lawsuit filed on behalf of Diana Walters, who was infected with E. coli at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City earlier this year. From ABC’s article:

Diana Walters is now home from the hospital, but she told Action News reporter Don Germaise that she’s afraid she’ll never be the same.
“At one point, I knew for sure I was going to die,” she explained.
Diana’s speech is still slurred from her near-death experience six weeks ago. She spent 16 days in the hospital, including nine in intensive care after contracting the infection.

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In a St. Petersburg Times article today that called Marler Clark “the Erin Brockovich of law firms handling food-borne and E. coli poisoning cases,” reporter Saundra Amrhein wrote about our client Diana Walters, a 48-year-old St. Petersburg resident who became ill with E. coli infection on March 18, six days after visiting an Ag-Venture Farms

With media attention on product recalls due to potential contamination with such bacteria and viruses as E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella, and hepatitis A and outbreaks of illnesses caused by these pathogens comes consumers’ need to know about foodborne pathogens. Marler Clark re-launched its website about foodborne illness,, in mid-April.
The site’s focus is