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Cargill poisons Milwaukee, Wisconsin woman with E. coli hamburger, more suspected

According to Milwaukee AP, Wisconsin Woman Tests Positive For E. Coli Infection, an 18-year-old Milwaukee County woman tested positive for the same strain of bacteria that sickened four Minnesota children last week, the state Department of Health and Family Services said Monday. The E. coli strain, O157:H7, is identical to the one linked to ground-beef patties produced in Wisconsin by Cargill Inc. and sold at three Sam’s Club stores in the Twin Cities area, the health agency said in a statement.

  • Cargill E. coli Hamburgers sold at Sam’s Club implicated in illness in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Tennseess – Lawsuit on Monday

    Cargill recalled E. coli contaminated Frozen Hamburger Patties last week. E. coli cases have been linked in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina and now Tennessee. Many of the E. coli cases involve HUS, acute kidney failure. We will be filing…