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Simsbury Town Farm Dairy Linked to Raw Milk E. coli Outbreak

The Hartford Conneticutt Courant reported that The Town Farm Dairy has stopped producing and selling milk and milk products indefinitely after four people contracted E. coli O157:H7, linked to raw milk they bought from the Simsbury farm. We learned that the four ill are children ages 2-7 and that some, if not all, developed Hemolytic Uremic SyndromeSee TV News coverage.

I have been blogging about raw milk for awhile – I am busier than ever.

  • Matt

    This doesn’t make me too angry, and I’d think it’d be a difficult case, because isn’t there an assumed risk with raw milk? I certainly wouldn’t drink it.
    And it doesn’t look like this milk came off a feedlot either. Looks like a happy place for cows, eating grass at the very least.
    Still a tragedy, but who the heck gives raw milk to kids??

  • Melissa

    This story has an all too familiar ring to it!!