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Salmonella Linked to St. Charles Illinois Portillo’s

Screen shot 2011-05-10 at 6.10.24 PM.pngThe Kane County Health Department,  and  the  Illinois  Department  of  Public  Health  Laboratories   and other  local  Health  Departments,  have  reported  a  recent  increase  in  Salmonella  ser. Typhimurium  in Northeastern  Illinois.  In  approximately  the  past  two  weeks,  10  cases  of  Salmonella ser. Typhimurium  with  a  matching   PFGE,  or  genetic,  pattern  have  been  reported  In  Illinois.  This pattern  is  rare  in  Illinois.  At  least   two  additional  cases  of  S.  Typhimurium  are  pending  the  PFGE results.  Cases  in  other  states  have   also  been  identified. 

While  the  investigation  is  ongoing,  a  common  potential  link  is  that  seven  of  the  people  affected   reported  having  eaten  at  Portillo’s  in  St.  Charles  during  the  month  of  April.  No  specific  food   item has  been  identified  to  be  source  of  the  illness.

The  seven  people  have  tested  positive  for  Typhimurium  Salmonella.  Most  persons  infected   with Salmonella  develop  diarrhea,  fever,  and  abdominal  cramps  12  to  72  hours  after  infection.   The illness  usually  lasts  4  to  7  days,  and  most  persons  recover  without  treatment  or  ever   visiting  a doctor.  However,  in  order  to  assist  in  the  investigation,  the  Health  Department  is   recommending that  anyone  who  has  had  these  symptoms  visit  their  personal  physician.